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Here at Beta Alpha, our executive board is committed to representing our chapter well. The sisters of Alpha Delta Pi are passionate women who want to make a difference in the Bloomington community, including our campus and our chapter.

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Morgan Eso


Membership Education Vice President

Hannah Wilson

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Formal Recruitment Chair

Megan Brear

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Director of Social Enrichment

Lexi Daniello

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Panhellenic Delegate

Morgan Harris

OTHER Beta Alpha Leaders Include:

Leah Huffine - Recording Secretary

Stella Powell - Corresponding Secretary

Abby Pozivilko - Historian

Abby Park - Technology Chair

Emily Simonian - Recruitment Information Manager

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Vice president

Samantha Kabrick

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Director of Standards and Ethics

Meghan Davis


Property Manager

Caroline Short

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Finance Vice President - Accounts Receivable

Hanna Meyer

Scholarship Chair

Kate Fahey

Maggie Harrison - Leadership Chair

Emily Reed - Sisterhood Chair

Katherine Wigand - Alumnae Relations Chair

Macy Weslager - Public Relations Chair

Kelsey Hemmings - Guard

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New Member Coordinator

Olivia Boyd

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Recruitment and Marketing vice President

Katelyn Moster

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Philanthropy Chair

Samantha Fischer

Finance Vice President - Accounts Payable

Kate Olson

Molly Denstedt - Social Media Chair

Sara Rutkowski - Apparel Chair

Jennifer Meyer - Chaplain

Nicole Milaszewski - Spirit Chair

Lindsay Herhusky - Sustainability Chair

Payal Patel - Community Service Chair


Where we come from...

For our sisters, home is: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, and California. We all come together as Beta Alpha and create a second home in Bloomington, Indiana.

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